Come Lover

Like you lose a language that you do not often speak
Memories of the one universal communication greying behind everyday grime
The untouched body withers and turns bleak
Forgetting the sacred language of movements older than time

Come lover, come to me
Claim my body and set my hunger free
I want you to show me that my desire still lives inside of me

I want to be burned, consumed and swept away
Let me see your smile between my thighs
I want you to let your fingers make me sway
Calling forth the half forgotten sound of joyful cries

Come lover, come to me
Make me remember how to tell you beyond words and sound
That feeling you inside of me lifts me to a higher ground

I want you to make me remember how it is to be enslaved
By that lust to break through each otherís skins and truly become one
How it is to feel so empty that I can only be saved
By your rising up inside me like a big red burning sun

Come lover, come to me
Rip off my clothes and make me remember that I can feel
Bind me to you with your bodyís ties of silk and steel

Come lover make your hard primeval sweaty love to me
Take me and take me and take me over again till I forget I have a mind
Make me tremble and shiver and remember what a body is meant to be
Make me remember why it only truly lives when it's penetrated by one of its own kind

Come lover, come to me
Take me, tense me, break me but donít let go
I need you in my body and I need it so