We can’t be expected to wait for their stumbling steps and quivering voices
Forgetting that in order to appreciate something to the fullest
You must give it the fullness of time

We won’t bother listening to their stories and especially what they learnt from them
Forgetting that life must be lived forwards
And can only be understood in arrears

We want no interference in our lives
Forgetting that the most unwelcome advise
Usually comes from those who know us best

We want to be able to do everything ourselves
Forgetting that life’s too short
To make all the mistakes on your own

We want nothing to do with all their backwards values
Forgetting that looking only at the form and ignoring the content
Is like eating the paper and throwing the candy away

We want to define everything relative only to ourselves
Forgetting that in order for anything to make sense
It must be seen in context