Evil Land

Pain is never far beneath the surface
the dry red soil saturated with it
still lingering, festering from the centuries when it was
seeping in with the steady flow of blood
spilled for freedom
equality and
showing under the skin of people’s faces
even when they’re smiling
scars of dissatisfaction
bursting boils of bitterness
pockmarks of disillusionment
discoloured rashes of
humiliation and futility

Having nowhere to run
and no means to understand the pain
as it’s creeping through your veins
filling you with the stress of lost opportunities
unfulfilled potential
and being met with constant indifference
you internalise the fear
you internalise the anger
making black cancerous knots in your soul
deep dark things moving beneath the apparent happiness with status quo
which you try to drown in alcohol
fumigate with dagga
or glue
exorcise with intravenous drugs

Creating a dream time of blind stupidity
a senselessness of all feeling
thought and responsibility
in which you cut up somebody’s belly for looking at you oddly
crash your car in drunken road rage
killing innocent children who just happened to be there
and have meaningless sex with meaningless strangers
whose faces you forget the next day
just as you don’t remember
if you used protection

This land is evil