HIV/AIDS Research:

I have decided to try to get a Ph.D. in HIV/AIDS efforts in Africa, basically because it is the only thing that I have managed to stay interested in after working with it for some years on a voluntary basis, and as well because I have never managed to stop taking more courses since I got my M.Sc. anyway, so I might as well try to make something of it.

I was after some being sent around referred to Professor Ib Bygbjerg, Institute of Public Health, Department of International Health, University of Copenhagen, who told me to read a series of 6 very interesting articles on HIV Prevention from the international journal, The Lancet, and then submit a synopsis. I'm still working on the synopsis, but here's my work-in-progress on possible research areas.

The articles from The Lancet are:

1) The History and Challenge of HIV Prevention
2) Biomedical Interventions to Prevent HIV Infection: Evidence, Challenges, and Way forward
3) Behavioural Strategies to Reduce HIV Transmission: How to make them work better
4) Structural Approaches to HIV Prevention
5) Making HIV Prevention Programmes work
6) Coming to Terms with Complexity: A Call to Action for HIV Prevention

Raw extraction of areas in which the series of articles mention that more research is needed:

Research Interest Questions

Areas of Research that I think that I as a mathematician might be able to work with:

Possible Research Areas

In Tanzania, I met with dr. A. Diallo from an American HIV/AIDS equipment logistics programme called SCMS to discuss this matter further. He did have some new areas of interest to add to my already fearfully long list:

Personal Discussion

Here's a memo that I wrote on the special nature of HIV/AIDS prevention:

The Revolutionary Nature of HIV Prevention