And I’m going to keep banging my heart against the wall
because there’s no room for anybody to be what I am looking for
no word in their vocabulary to describe it
no concept in their image of the world to hold it

And every time I think I’ve found some common ground from which to talk
I make a leap of faith only to find that we were really standing on tiny little ice floes wide apart
and I am falling through a deep dark abyss of things that cannot be known
because the power to make them shareable is out of reach in the uncommon depths

And maybe I fail to explain it too
because there’s no language big enough to build bridges of understanding
no way to synchronise expectations
no space in between yes and no

And the more I try to make something out of nothing
the more confused everybody gets
trying to force a huge piece of meat into a small clay pot will only break it
and apparently I shall have nothing here to call mine