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Working in an open university has made me consider the potential power of Open and Distance learning. It has the potential to alleviate teacher shortages, bridge transport gaps and lift remote societies onto the education highway. The use of FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software) is particularily important as it has a lot of additional benefits.

Of course, all this doesn't come freely. It takes creating the structures needed to support it. I have been giving presentations of this subject matter at a number of conferences. See list below:

eLearning Africa Presentation, Lusaka, Zambia, 2010

Fourth International Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education; Bamako, Mali, 2010

African Network for Internationalisation of Education, ANIE, 2nd Conference, Kampala, Uganda, 2010

During the preparation of the eLearning Africa presentation above, I got the idea of an educational software package, a visualisation tool, which I have temporarily named Vistooma for VISualisation TOOl for MAth, that would be useful for the teaching of abstract math in distance education. I am writing the software specifications at the moment and will attach them here below when I get them finished. The idea of making modules is to allow the student to only download the part which is needed so as to minimise the use of the internet connection.

As speaking in a foreign language is a hindrance in learning math and as I would imagine that the needs for functionality differ and change over time, I think Vistooma needs to be programmed as a FLOSS programme, available either to download from a website such as (as yet not existing) or to install from a CD, to allow for localisation (e.g. changing the language) and adding more Modules. If you want to join in creating this educational FLOSS programme, please contact me. I am in need of programmers as well as English speaking Open Universities in Africa to pilot it at.

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