Saving the Planet

We’re the army of justice and of truth
We’ll tell you how the world needs that everyone behaves
because we want it to harvest the fruits
of the one purpose master being joined by his slaves

We’re out to save the Planet and every human who walks it
saving the peoples by making them be as one
and each mind straying from the one true path by making guilty conscience that stalks it
so that it bends to our rule and the silent mutany will be gone

For if every single woman and man
would just feel and think and do the same
follow the path of (self-) righteousness that we trod across the land
then everyone would be a winner of life’s strategic game

If everyone would just realise that we’re right
and change to become excactly as we are
then there would be plenty of room for opinions and no need to fight
like in a night sky lit by one single star