Vistooma stands for VISualisation TOOl for MAth. It is intended as a vitual assistant in the teaching of abstract math in distance education. I am writing the software specifications at the moment and will attach them here below when I get them finished. The idea of making modules is to allow the student to only download the part of Vistooma which is needed so as to minimise the use of the internet connection.

As speaking in a foreign language is a hindrance in learning math and as I would imagine that the needs for functionality differ and change over time, I think Vistooma needs to be programmed as a FLOSS programme, available either to download from a website such as (as yet not existing) or to install from a CD, to allow for localisation (e.g. changing the language) and adding more Modules. If you want to join in creating this educational FLOSS programme, please contact me. I am in need of programmers as well as English speaking Open Universities in Africa to pilot it at.

The Idea of Vistooma

The Vistooma Textbook

Vistooma Module 1: Venn Diagrams and Set Algebra

Vistooma Module 2: Venn Diagrams, Logical Argumentation and Counting Principles

Vistooma Module 3: Proof by Induction

Vistooma Module 4: Quantifiers

Vistooma Module 5: Truth Tables

Vistooma Module 6: The Logical Calculus

Vistooma Module 7: Methods of Proof

Vistooma Module 8: Language and Logic

Module 9: Limits, Continuity and Differentiability

The Entire Vistooma Document