Women’s Day

the woman
the mother
the daughter
the whore
the sister
the sex object
and the bitch
I’ve had enough
I want to break free
of the chains of other people’s expectations
of whom and what I must limit myself
to be
I am tired
of getting no more space
than others are prepared to give me
I’m tired
of speaking to deaf ears as soon
as I say something
they were not expecting to have to deal with
I am tired
of getting blank looks and indifferent shrugs
as soon as I want something
no one else had planned for me
I’m tired
of being soft and
understanding and
to people who never tried to understand
caress or
forgive me
I’m so tired
of relentlessly giving myself
with all my power
all my might
and all my love
to people who take it all for granted and never even
stopped to realise
that they don’t deserve me